Microsoft began hinting at the big Summer update for Windows 10 and Xbox One back in March during the Microsoft Build event. It wasn’t so much of a hint as it was, a confirmation that Xbox owners had something to look forward to this Summer.

This preview update will not contain all of the features that the full update will contain, but it will give Xbox Preview Members a great opportunity at testing the new features Microsoft is bringing.

However, this preview update will be released in a different manner than the previous updates, according to a forum (via Reddit) post from an Xbox representative. As opposed to being eligible to every Preview Program member from the start, this update will only be available to members that are eligible. Your eligibility will be determined by your Preview Award point score from the last Preview. Eventually the update will be available to everyone.

Hey everyone!

The next Xbox One update is nearly here and we’re excited to start receiving feedback on it. This release includes substantial under-the-hood changes and some exciting new features. Over the next few weeks we’ll be gradually enabling the new update option for the Preview audience.

During the rollout of the New Xbox One Experience last year, there was some confusion surrounding our selection process. This time we’re making it more simple. The option to enroll a console to test the latest update will be made available to users according to their Preview Award point score at the end of the last Preview wave (the users with the most Preview Award points will be eligible to opt-in first). Once you’re eligible (and again, everyone in Preview will ultimately be eligible), you’ll receive an Xbox Live message indicating that you now have the option to enroll in the latest Xbox One Experience via the Xbox Preview Dashboard. If you elect to enroll, your console will begin receiving updates shortly thereafter.

Note: ‘Shortly thereafter’ is subjective :). The amount of time between opting in and receiving a build will vary based on issues identified by the Preview audience. Not to worry though, we will add people in the order that they opted in.

While there is no confirmation that this is indeed the toted Anniversary Updated, it was said by Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra that the Anniversary Update would head to preview members towards the end of May or early June.

This update coming to Preview Members is probably no coincidence. If this is indeed the Anniversary Update, we may finally be seeing Cortana on the Xbox One.