The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack, called The Master Trials, is finally out. While it introduces a couple of new armor sets, it also comes with a variety of special masks based on characters from past games in the franchise, such as the helmet Midna wore in Twilight Princess. While the game will offer clues to help you find it, you can head straight there if you’re privy to where its located.

Midna’s Mask features a base defense rating of 7 and a bonus Guardian Resist Up. Note that this mask can’t be dyed or upgraded, and if you sell it, it cannot be replaced.

Location: Midna’s Helmet is at the Sage Temple Ruins. It’s west of the Giant’s Forest, near the Regencia River in Central Hyrule. Search the far west side along the river. Be sure to use your Magnesis and Sheikah Sensor to aid in your search.

The Master Trials DLC is one of two DLC packs included in the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass, which is available for $20 on the Nintendo Eshop. For more on The Master Trials DLC content, check out our roundup detailing where to find all the new armor sets and items. And be sure to follow all our Zelda guides and videos for more on the DLC.