Destiny players can expect to find better, more powerful gear in return for their efforts.

Today’s Destiny hot fix made a bunch of important changes, but the one that’s going to affect the most people is that weekly loot drops just got significantly better.

Bungie has made adjustments to the loot tables for both Nightfall Strikes and Weekly Crucible Bounties, which apart from the raid are the major end-game activities each week.

The key point you need to know is: the basic attack or defense stat of gear dropped from these activities has been adjusted upwards by ten points. That gives you a much better chance of picking up gear that will push your overall Light level up to Raid-ready or better.

Bungie has also increased the number of Strange Coins you’ll earn in both activities, added Ghosts to the loot tables for both activities, significantly upped your chances of Legendary tier rewards in Nightfalls and removed Antiquated Runes from Nightfall drops.

Here are the relevant details. For the full patch notes, visit

Weekly Nightfall Strike

  • Increased the base level of Nightfall Legendary rewards by 10 Attack/Defense
  • Increased the chance of Legendary rewards by 10% (from 50% to 60%)
  • Increased the number of Strange Coins or Three of Coins awards
  • Ghosts have been added to the Legendary reward loot table
  • Legendary Engrams no longer drop from Nightfall Strike boss kills
    – They will continue to drop their unique Legendary items
  • Removed Antiquated Runes from the loot tables

Weekly Crucible Bounty

  • Increased base level of Weekly Crucible Bounty Legendary rewards by 10 Attack
  • Increased number of Strange Coins awarded
  • Ghosts have been added to the Legendary reward loot table