VR combat racer Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing will launch alongside the Oculus Rift on March 28, two-man developer Tastee Beverage Studios announced today.

Bank Limit is an unabashedly arcade-y combat racer designed for virtual reality. Set in a futuristic, almost cyberpunk space, it seeks to amplify the thrill of clipping along at high speeds with weapons in tow by leveraging the immersion of virtual reality.

“Look up to navigate a loop-the-loop, left and right to monitor opponents or set up upcoming turns,” Tastee Beverage said in a statement, “or down to glance at [your] status via in-car gauges.” A gamepad is used for firing weapons and steering, but you need only look around to aim. LensesPerspective is one of Bank Limit’s primary weapons, as the trailer above shows. A hill’s crest is undoubtedly more exciting when you can see and feel the vertigo of arcing over it at “speeds in excess of Mach 1.”

Bank Limit was “designed specifically to take advantage of Oculus Rift hardware,” Tastee Co-Founder Harley Benedict confirms, but it also stands on its own as a racer. It will feature single-player and multiplayer modes supported by 15 tracks set in three distinct worlds. Up to 24 cars can race at once, which should offer up a hearty feast for the eyes in virtual reality.

“Bank Limit: ABR is all about classic combat racing, delivered with advanced technology and a full-on commitment to mashing the accelerator and blasting away at rivals to reach the finish line in first place,” the studio added. “It’s not easy to win, but AI competitors are balanced with the player’s skill level via performance metrics that are tracked in real time to ensure that every race is a fight to the end.”

Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing will launch via the Oculus Rift Store on March 28. Pricing has not yet been detailed. However, the Rift-equipped can download the game for free today while it’s still in beta.