After a successful Open Beta last year and the merger of Aeria Games with gamigo, Twin Saga has now entered its official launch version! Developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment, the new updated version of Twin Saga will have a slew of new content and brilliant extras for players both new and old to discover. The game will soon be available on Steam as well!


The most important innovation is the addition of a completely new class to the game: now players will be able to wander the fantastic worlds of Aetherion as a Monk! All players will have the opportunity to develop their characters even further in the two new exclusive maps “Sanctopolis: Prismatica” and “Sanctopolis: Constellacia”, both coming with new story quests and dungeon to conquer.


Along with these changes, the level cap will be raised to 70 and “Lenna”, a completely new Senshi, will find its way into the colorful free-to-play anime game. Furthermore, the newly implemented couple system will allow players to form even closer bonds – and to take on countless future adventures as a happy loving couple. Just a note, players are still able to switch between classes freely!