Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, the update to the classic skateboarding game, is going to be removed from Steam very soon, it seems. A post on Steam (via PC Gamer) explains that Pro Skater HD will be “retired from the store” on July 17.

The game is marked down 80 percent, discounted to $2 until the delisting happens. There was no reason provided for why Pro Skater HD is being removed, though the game’s use of licensed music could have something to do with it, as it could pertain to rights issues.

Pro Skater HD is also marked down nicely on Xbox 360 and PS3, however, there is no word as of yet if the game is also being delisted on consoles.

GameSpot’s Pro Skater HD review scored it a 6/10. “The skateboarding is nearly identical to that of the first few games, and the career mode remains every bit as playable as it was when those games first came out,” reviewer Shaun McInnis said. “But the essence of a franchise doesn’t make a complete game, and Pro Skater HD’s overall package is a modest and meager one that fails to capitalize on that foundation.”