In the battle between Trash Callie and Marie, justice has prevailed: Now the entire world knows Marie to be more popular, and her followers more capable ink-slingers. It was an inevitable conclusion, but the proof has been carved into the annals of history with the final Splatfest.

Sadly, this great victory marks the end of an era in Splatoon. No longer will fans be divided along party lines in pursuit of glory via not-quite-mortal combat, all in the name of their personal idol. Splatfest is now a distant memory, a celebration that very few ever had the pleasure of participating in. Sure, we can recapture the nostalgia of the Squid Sisters performing at night in the main square by scanning in their amiibo, but the inklust will never be the same…

Until the inevitable sequel on the NX.

I mean the game’s on track to sell 5 million copies on a dead systems that struggled to hit 12 million units sold. And this is Nintendo, you know they’ll refine several sequels from any major success. So until the sequel, just enjoy the regular splatting, and always remember to stay fresh.