Snail Games, developer of popular online games such as Age of Wushu, recently released a massive new update for its action mobile game, Taichi Panda. Known as the “Savage Update”, players can expect new game features as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics. Taichi Panda, along with the “Savage Update”, is now available for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

New content in the “Savage Update” include:

• New pet added – Verney

• New pet enhancement – Master Mao and Earth Guardian

• New team instance – Land of Hermit

• New cross-server battle mode added – Edge of Survival

• New talisman added – Red Dragon Baby

• New double-seat mount added – Steam Motorcycle

• New demigod added to raise – Qilin

• Wing transformation function and wing inset with runes unlocked

• Adjustment to damage on Battle Royale Boss

• New instance mode added – Nightmare Jungle (Hard)

• Botting punishment added to team instance

• Backpack space increased

• Quality 34 Rune and quality 36 Rune added and Quality 34 Rune Upgrade unlocked

• Friendship store opened with gifts for recalled players