21-year old gamer Peter Byrne had hit something of a roadblock when using hisPlayStation 4.

You see Peter has Cerebral Palsy which, as you may know, is a condition which is not usually friendly with the complex and precise movements required to use the PlayStation 4’s controller.

This issue had been manageable before but when The Division came out the problem escalated to making the game unplayable.

You see Peter’s left hand would keep brushing on the touch-sensitive touchpad located in the middle of the controller, bringing up the map and effectively pausing the game.

In frustration Peter decided to write a letter to Sony, explaining the problem he was facing. In all honesty, Peter wasn’t expecting a reply.

 Well Peter did get a reply, from PlayStation employee Alex Nawabi who promised to build him a custom controller.

Writing in the letter Nawabi said: “The email you sent definitely struck a chord within.

It killed me to hear how something you used to enjoy thoroughly was being ruined because of our new controller design.”

Nawabi reportedly spent 10-hours working on the design of the custom controller and then when it was ready, sent it to Peter along with a note explaining how it worked.

He had effectively disabled the touchpad, allowing Peter to play without accidentally hitting the pad, he’d then also added a brand-new button which would still allow Peter to pause the game but without incident.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nawabi has promised to make Peter a second controller, based on any feedback that he has on the first prototype.