SMASHGRAB-620x350 United Front Games recently launched its new game, SMASH+GRAB, on Steam Early Access. Different from most team-based PVP games, SMASH+GRAB is an underground competition where gangs of the future fight it out for loot and weapons inside an urban dystopia. A fast-paced mix of melee and ranged combat, the game offers a fresh new take on competitive multiplayer action.

Build a gang for any situation

1. Each player leads a gang of five: A leader, a lieutenant, and 3 soldiers

2. Choose from a selection of melee and ranged characters

3. Combine abilities with your gang and teammates for deadly strategy

4. Level up characters to unlock hundreds of perks and clothing items

Fast-paced online competitive combat

1. Fight against and alongside players and their AI-controlled gangs

2. Use strikes, grapples, counters, evades, and brutal finishers

3. Each leader has unique combat moves and abilities

4. Gang members have their own distinct AI personalities that can be influenced by the leader

Fight, loot, and craft your way to victory

1. Everything you need to win can be found by looting and taking down enemies

2. Loot a variety of weapons to upgrade your gang

3. Craft deadly weapon mods from the ingredients you loot

4. First team to reach the cash target wins


MMO Culture took a spin in the Early Access phase, and overall we are impressed, though let down by the lack of live players (perhaps due to timing and limited marketing now). SMASH+GRAB offers 2 modes, and it seems the game will be a premium one (Buy-to-Play) and will not go Free-to-Play. For gamers looking to try out something different, this game is definitely worth the money!