Each and every gamer who has spent time with the Dead or Alive series over the years will know all too well that customisation via new costumes is very much part of the deal. Dead or Alive 6 is no different and today we see a whole host of new content packs and costume skins arrive for the game. Are you ready to prise that wallet open once more?

Available to purchase and download right now, and coming about via a bit of a mash up between DOA6 and King of Fighters, we see two new characters arrive for the fight, with Kula Diamond and Mai Shiranui making the move to the Dead or Alive scene.

And it is due to these arrivals that we see a number of new costumes hit Dead or Alive 6, kitting both Kula and Mai out in a variety of fighting get-ups; Bunny costume, Maid, as a Nurse and more. As you would expect, each of these comes with a price attached to them as well, with the full King of Fighters XIV Mashup Costume Set setting you back a cool £24.99. Thankfully though, should you wish to involve yourself with a slightly cheaper setup, then the following individual costumes are also in place…

  • DOA6 Pirates of the 7 Seas – Kula Diamond – £2.39
  • Dead or Alive 6 Character: Kula Diamond – £6.39
  • DOA6 Maid Costume – Kula Diamond – £2.39
  • DOA6 Maid Costume – Mai Shiranui – £2.39
  • DOA6 Nurse Costume – Mai Shiranui – £2.39
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costume – Mai Shiranui – £2.39
  • DOA6 Mai Shiranui Debut Costume – £7.99
  • DOA6 Sexy Bunny Costume – Mai Shiranui – £2.39
  • DOA6 Character Mai Shiranui + Debut Costume Set – £12.79
  • DOA6 Pirates of the 7 Seas – Mai Shiranui – £2.39
  • DOA6 Nurse Costume – Kula Diamond – £2.39
  • Dead or Alive 6 Character: Mai Shiranui – £6.39
  • DOA6 Sexy Bunny Costume – Kula Diamond – £2.39
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costume – Kula Diamond – £2.39
  • DOA6 Kula Diamond Debut Costume Set – £7.99

So, still battling away with Dead or Alive 6 and reckon this mashup with King of Fighters is the way to go? Get yourself over to the Xbox Store immediately – or if you’re on other formats, the specific store of your choosing – and splash that cash on some new DOA6 gear. Let us know down in the comments exactly which of the options you will be running with.