Skyforge has been found providing action MMORPG fun for the last couple of years already, but very soon it’ll be time to push things on, as the team at let players head for New Horizons.

Coming to Skyforge from the 9th April 2019 (PC), 10th April for PS4 and 11th April for Xbox One players, New Horizons is a new chapter in the whole Skyforge experience, as the development team at Allods Team and their publishers of release the goodies found in New Horizons.

This exciting new journey will come as a free expansion to Skyforge, taking players to a new planet – Terra – in order to partake in a reconnaissance mission in which a mysterious new race will be discovered.

Terra is a world that if full of ruined, overgrown cities, lush jungles and lifeless wastelands, which will see the game providing new game mechanics, a variety of dangerous wildlife to endure and this new race to discover. Your task? To eliminate all current threats and collect as much information as possible.

This sees the new expansion beginning as scouting drones have intercepted messages in an unknown language, with their cameras capturing strange-looking ships foreshadowing new enemies with advanced technology. Preliminary measurements further indicated that air pollution levels in certain parts of the planet exceed safe limits many times over, indicating advanced warfare taking place on the planet. Who are these life forms and what caused this warfare remains unknown, but players daring to face this new world will have to investigate this mystery as they engage in Skyforge’s most robust and deadliest expansion to date.

As you first drop on to this exotic planet, you will quickly discover that the development of the world depends entirely on the actions you take. Studying of the new planet, unveiling its mysteries, reinforcing the base, and launching programs to change the world will all need to be taken in, as new game mechanics allow the development of Terra. By upgrading these programs, those back on the home planet can further research the area and change its appearance.

This will see new story chapters unlocked, as well as secret and special missions, perilous adventures, and multiple rewards provided. Will you be taking it all in? Let us know in the comments.