Iceland-based developer CCP, known more for EVE Online, recently revealed its new online shooter at the annual fan festival. Currently known as Project Nova, CCP is not tying the game with EVE Online, although both games exist within the same universe. This is the opposite of failed shooter Dust 514, where players were immediately connected to the larger EVE Online world from the very beginning.


CCP’s plan now is to make Project Nova “a great shooter first, an EVE game second.” There will be “around” 8 classes which players can level up to mix and match different weapons and abilities. For the demo over at the fan festival, the games were 6 vs 6, though CCP mentioned a 16 vs 16 mode is in development. Several features were not showcased, as Project Nova is still in development mode.


The studio also confirmed the development team is recycling a large portion of the art and assets used in Dust 514 to create Project Nova. This class-based shooter will be Free-to-Play for PC systems, with a launch schedule still far out. Snorri Árnason, Senior Director at CCP, is looking to resurrect the idea of a Planetary Conquest mode, wherein corporations battled for control of planets. Sounds awesome!