Just a note, this is different from Dynasty Warriors Mobile announced by Perfect World earlier. Nexon Korea today revealed Project Dynasty Warriors (working title), a new mobile game which is developed by Taipei-based games developer XPEC Entertainment. Set to launch for select regions later this year, Project Dynasty Warriors is of both tactical and action role-playing genres. Interesting.

Project Dynasty Warriors is based on the eighth official installment of the popular console game series, Dynasty Warriors 8, the RPG which draws inspiration from Chinese writer Luo Guanzhong’s historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms (ROTK). Players will engage in the faction-based storyline and battle countless waves of warriors bent on crushing the enemies of their lords.

Project Dynasty Warriors will feature an enhanced collection element and a host of unique characters to choose from, along with the seamless gameplay mechanics and graphics of the console version, for players to dominate the battlefield. Project Dynasty Warriors will immerse hardcore gamers and deliver everything that made the Dynasty Warriors series a beloved global masterpiece.