Korean games company Barunson E&A recently announced Nexon has signed the Japan publishing rights for its upcoming mobile 2D action game, Project B. Both companies have a deep working relationship prior, with Nat Games (HIT developer) a subsidiary of Barunson E&A, and Nexon also publishing the company’s PC MMORPG Astellia. According to images from Barunson E&A’s website, Project B’s current title is set as “Battle Storm”.

Barunson E&A also confirmed ChangYou has signed Project B for the China market, while hinting a global launch will follow, though stopping short of confirming which company is publishing the game. Current game features touted include:

1. 2D graphics with a compelling look and feel.
2. Simple game control through side-scroll action.
3. Single-player story mode with 2D action RPG.
4. Real-time battle modes, including Tag match, Free For All, and 3 vs 3 MOBA.