Fans have been asking for Pokemon Snap on Wii U for a while now, but not like this: Thursday will see the classic N64 game released on the Virtual Console…in Europe. While there’s currently no word on the North American region just yet, it probably won’t be far behind. Nintendo wouldn’t release the game to Europe and Japan, and leave out North America, seeing as its the consoles biggest market and still wrapped up in the Pokemon GO fever, right?

Perhaps this an olive branch to fans after Nintendo failed to cash in on the most painfully obvious use of the game pad with a new, HD Pokemon Snap entry. Unfortunately, the Wii U has a history of really bad N64 emulation, resulting in off, darker colors and annoying input lag in some cases. Beggars can’t be choosers though, and Pokemon Snap is no Super Mario 64 in terms of how important tight controls are, so maybe everything will turn out fine.