The Xbox Store has finally reveled how much of your precious storage space Blizzard’s Overwatch will take.

With games like Halo 5 taking more than 70 GB some of us might have worried about the file size of Overwatch. I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about, at least not for Xbox One users, since it will only require 7.04 GB of Hard Drive space.The size difference between the Xbox and other platforms have yet to be revealed, but shouldn’t be substantial.


Gamers have until May 24th to clear up 7.04GB for the 6v6 Team Fortress lookalike that is Overwatch, as confirmed by the PlayStation Blog earlier this week.

Overwatch is a teambased 6v6 Team Fortress type game with soldier, scientists, and some savages fighting over objectives in a near not-so-bright future. The game will feature 21 characters that has all sorts of strange powers, like time travel, physics bending, throwing out an explosive wheel, and yelling that it is “high noon” and kill everyone. Playing as a team is necessary to win and soon enough the forums will be filled with strategies on how to make you favorite hero unplayable. Blizzard also plans on supporting the game with free additional maps and characters after release.

But I still wonder, how long will Overwatch stay at such a small and easy to handle file size. What do you think?