Nintendo came into E3 2016 to extremely low expectations, but left with the entire world knowing it had the most impressive game at the show: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The open world Zelda has been teased for years, skipped E3 2015 altogether, and despite having most of Nintendo’s E3 2016 dedicated to gameplay footage, has left fans ravenous for more.

There’s plenty of gameplay footage out there already, showing the revolutionary changes brought to the franchise by the latest entry. There’s climbing, cooking, armor sets, physics based shenanigans, advanced technology, arrow-time, shield-surfing, base jumping, and an emphasis on stealing and using enemy weapons. Even the limited voice acting we’ve heard is a drastic change. Despite being set in a desolated era, Breath of the Wild is the most alive feeling Zelda to date.

But if you’re looking for some major new footage in this video, don’t hold your breath. Nintendo has put the cover back on and returned to teasing fans with little glimpses of the world. This time, Nintendo of America has taken fans back to the dilapidated Temple of Time