Since its November 2015 release, Nintendo Badge Arcade has spruced up the Home Menus of 3DS owners with its crane machine goodies. In that span of time, we’ve seen badges of characters and items from Animal Crossing, Rhythm Heaven, Tomodachi Life, and other franchises. Today, the free-to-start app has brought back some of the most popular Badge Catchers to celebrate hitting one-million customers since its North American debut. If you’ve been holding out to grab the creepy Moon badge from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, now’s your chance.

The app has been in party mode these past few days over Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary and the recent release of Fire Emblem: Fates. Difference is, the party favors are starting to come out. For the next week, daily visits to the digital arcade will give two complimentary free plays, with the potential to earn more from the Practice Catcher. A faster way to grow your collection without having to pay, although you may be stuck chasing doubles if the chosen Badge Catchers are already off your checklist.

Maybe with these festivities, our affable host will be inclined to share his best moments.