If these are the best that the new Pokémon generation has to offer, we might be in for a downer. Last night, a YouTube video leaked online (which has since been removed) showcasing a slew of new Pokemon alongside what appeared to be Russian game board ratings. Naturally, a large number of people took the video with a large grain of salt, especially considering some of the…design choices on a number of the monsters as well as the series’ long history of seeing fake Pokemon ahead of release.

It seems the leak was indeed real, as Nintendo posted a new trailer showcasing those same Pokemon and suffice it to say, reactions have been mixed.

Here are the new Pokemon:

Tapu Koko, an Electric/Fairy type:


Charjabug, an Bug/Electric type:


Charjabug’s evolved form, Vikavolt:


Cutiefly, a Bug/Fairy type:


Drampa, a Normal/Dragon type:


Togedemaru, an Electric/Steel type:


And finally The Joker Fish…er I mean…Bruxish, a Water/Psychic type:


What do you think of these new Pokemon? Like ’em? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Either way, come November 18th, you’re gonna have to catch ’em all.