A new update has been announced for Neverwinter today by Perfect World and Cryptic Studios. The Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice update will hit PC this November.

The standard Storm King’s Thunder expansion released on PC last month and is coming to consoles October 18th. The Sea of Moving Ice update takes place after the base expansion, and sends players to battle the overwhelming defenses of the Jarl Storvald, who has nearly deciphered the Ring of Winter’s secrets and threatens to blanket the lands in permafrost.

Players can hop in their new nautical vessel and travel through the Sea to gather support for the battle ahead. Along the way, they’ll be able try their luck at a newly built fishing system, go hunting for scraps of a treasure map, and uncover lost relics to earn artifact weapons far stronger than any before.

This will be the 11th expansion/update to Neverwinter since it launched on Xbox One in March of 2015 and has expanded to over 12 million players across all platforms. It’s still unknown on whether PvP nautical battles will be available at this time, but surely it will be clarified prior to launch.

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