In January this year, Perfect World China announced that it is shutting down the development of its Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG, World of Jade Dynasty. There was supposed to be a whole circle of marketing efforts around the title, including mobile games, drama series (which is now airing in China), comics, and more. Focus was shifted to Mount Shu Chronicles, developed using the in-house engine.

Mount Shu Chronicles does not offer much compared to the other games from Perfect World China (or Wanmei), with the core features being the PVE dungeons and PVP battlefields, along with fancy costumes and mounts. A feature Western gamers would generally dread is the bot system, which is pretty in-depth with its options. Still, at higher levels, most EXP and items are from the instances.

There is still a large and breathtaking open world to explore, also a signature of Perfect World. Open world bosses start at fixed timings, where everyone in the server could snatch a slice of the pie. While there are many other features to talk about, they are usually similar to those already found in Perfect World games such as Jade Dynasty. No news now if Mount Shu Chronicles will be headed to the West.