Arriving as the 9th weapon in Monster Hunter Online, the Gunlance will be available next week for choosing in the China-exclusive online game. Similar to the ones found in previous Monster Hunter games, gunlances are long, piercing weapons with a mechanism inside which can fire an explosive round. Only a short firing range is provided, hence the extra shield comes in handy for defence.


Another classic monster is making its way into Monster Hunter Online, the giant Carapaceon known asShen Gaoren. Carrying the skull of elder dragon Lao-Shan Lung on its back, its current lore in the game is that of a land wanderer from the deep seas, spotted most frequently along coastlines destroying stuff. To fight this menace, a new 12-man party system will be introduced. Awesome!


Shen Gaoren will deal massive damage through its area of effect skills, hence players must see the signs and be ready to dodge. Also making its temporary (I guess) comeback is the first elder dragon boss in Monster Hunter Online, Tartaronis. I am not sure if it is back for good after a revamp by the development team, but its arrival in the deserts is accompanied by devastating sandstorms.