Third-party offerings are starting to remove the “Nintendo” from Nintendo Badge Arcade, with a selection that will attract more supporters than naysayers.

To celebrate Mega Man Legacy Collection on the 3DS, 14 new Badge Catchers have been added to the current Nintendo Badge Arcade rotation in North America, featuring a slew of badges based on series bosses, as well as Mega Man himself in different action poses. Japan received these badges a few months back, prompting fans to wait eagerly for their arrival in other regions.

This isn’t the first time a Capcom property has invaded the arcade. Several days ago, the arcade was also home to nifty weapons and characters from the Monster Hunter series. Phoenix Wright badges are the obvious next step (Gumshoe!), especially with the next series installment due this September — not to mention the existing 3DS Themes. If anything can top the profits made from the sizable Fire Emblem collection, they’re made for the task.