After Disney Infinity dropped out of the toys-to-life race, Lego Dimensions has had a lot more room to maneuver and cement itself as king of the genre. It’s year 2 content has begun to roll out, with sets based around Harry Potter, Adventure Time and Ghostbusters. WB Games is still expanding on its original licenses, however, and have now revealed the Supergirl minifigure. If you want the figure though there’s a pretty big hoop to jump through.


Supergirl will come exclusively in the PS4 Starter Pack, bundled with Wildstyle, Gandalf and Batman. So if you already have the original game and desperately want this minifig, you’ll have to shell out $100 (although the starter packs are usually discounted to around 60, so silver linings and all that).

Note that this is exclusively the Playstation 4 bundle, meaning if you have an Xbox One you’re out of luck. Obviously, you’ll be able to buy the figure from eBay once people get their hands on it, but that again is going to cost you a pretty penny. PS4 Starter Packs will be bundled with Supergirl starting in late September.