X-Legend Entertainment is more well-known in the English gaming market for games such as Aura Kingdom and the more recent Dragomon Hunter. Today, the Taiwanese developer revealed Laplace, its first PC MMORPG for 2016. As you can see in the trailer below, Laplace will sport a camera angle similar to that of Diablo, and perhaps Elite Lord of Alliance. Still, it is an action game at its core.

According to the Taiwanese press release, Laplace will start off with 4 classes (and 1 class advance tier) and 6 weapons. While these 4 classes have basic skills, each weapon will also have their own active skills. It makes for an interesting feature for players to go through over 5,000 potential combinations. X-Legend Entertainment has already planned new classes and weapons for post-launch.


There are 2 interesting features about boss monsters. First, each will drop super-rare boss weapon, with players gaining access to boss skills (such as summoning mythical beasts). Second, there is this “OverKill” system where players will be tortured by special boss skills, including being thrown across the room. The point here is to let players feel an impact when being hit with these moves.


Dungeons are laid out with traps, including spikes, fire arrows and whatnot. Before I forget, X-Legend Entertainment also claimed to be more focus on Laplace’s story than ever, with the story bosses based on the seven sins. There is currently no word on a release schedule, as there are details such as classes and weapon types yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates on Laplace!