While the original Luna Online has over 10 classes to choose from, the spiritual successor, La Lune: Moonlight Bandits, has decided to make weapons the main feature with 13 of them. Also known asLuna: Moonlight Bandits in South Korea, the Taiwan server has released a few videos (some of them merged below) showcasing the many weapons and unique skills which come along with them.

While there will be many pets and mounts, there are apparently no classes at all in La Lune, as everything is determined by the weapons which characters are wielding. Each weapon has its own special function, such as the dagger providing a skill which does extra damage when used from a target’s back. Single-handed weapons can be dual-wield or paired with another single-haded weapon.

For example, a single-hand sword can be held together with a single-hand axe, while a single-hand pistol can be paired with a shield as well. All these combinations will unlock different skills. Though La Lune’s graphics might look dated, this is one weapons and skills system which really perked my interest. Sadly, there is currently no servers announced outside of South Korea and Taiwan.