Developer NetherRealm has just teased the next DLC skin for Injustice 2. In a post on Twitter, the official Injustice 2 account shared an image of Bizarro Superman.

There’s no word yet on when this skin would be available, and the studio hasn’t officially announced it yet. But NetherRealm certainly has a history of teasing DLC announcements, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw a reveal soon. “Bizarro number one, not Superman!” the caption reads, a reference to what Bizarro occasionally says in his comic book appearances.

Studio head Ed Boon also showed off the skin on his own Twitter account, stating, “That’s Bizzare…. Oh, maybe he’s an Injustice 2 skin?!” It seems likely that Bizarro Superman will be added as a Premier Skin that comes with new moves for Superman. He was actually teased in the recent trailer for Starfire, in which he uses a move that burns rather than freezes and casts a ray that looks like ice instead of the normal solar ray.

Other Premier Skins for the game cost 6,000 source crystals, which converts to roughly $3 if you buy the smallest bundle of them.

In other Injustice 2 news, Starfire is coming soon, and you can watch the first gameplay trailer of her in action here. She’s one of at least nine DLC characters that will be, or have already been, released. During its SDCC livestream, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon teased an upcoming fighter pack, saying that the announcement video will be shown soon. “Of all the characters we’re going to reveal, we’ll have the biggest ‘wow’ for the last one we’re going to show,” he said.