Edge Case Games, developers of the team-based space combat game, Fractured Space, today announced the game has officially launched as a Free-to-Play game on Steam. Fractured Space pits two teams of five giant capital ships against each other in matches that highlight teamwork and strategy with MOBA-style lanes and sectors as players work towards destroying the enemy base.

Fractured Space launches after two successful years in alpha on Early Access. With the help of 600,000 players, the game has gradually evolved into a fully-fledged game with over 30 customizable ships, well-tuned battle mechanics, two different game modes, deep team strategy, gorgeously detailed graphics and a balanced free-to-play economy. More game features will be added on a regular basis.


There are now 2 modes available. The Conquest mode offers varied gameplay possibilities with three lanes, five sectors and the goal to destroy the enemy base. The Frontline mode, available to players at level 8, has a single lane and a 10-minute limit for capturing the enemy base before sudden death overtime starts. In both modes, a sleek new UI delivers players the info they need during matches.


The addition of AI Captains allows new players to ease into the game while also providing team practice and solo play options. After tutorial, players can now jump into solo bot games, then progress to co-op team play vs. bots to work on tactics, and finally to full matches with human players. AI Captains can also temporarily take over for any player who loses connection during a match!