Fortnite is scheduled to launch in full sometime next year as a free-to-play game, and it was recently released in Early Access on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, it’s currently only playable if you purchase a paid version of the game. In spite of the fact that it’ll be free next year, Fortnite has already sold a lot of copies.

On Twitter today, Fortnite creative director Darren Sugg revealed that over 500,000 people have already purchased one of the game’s paid tiers. It’s currently available in several packs: the $40 standard version comes with access to the game as well as loot packs and cosmetic items. The $60 Deluxe, $80 Super Deluxe, and $150 Limited Editions include more bonuses like additional heroes, weapon packs, and more.

The long wait for the game appears to not have dampened player anticipation for it; in fact, if anything, excitement and interest seems even higher because of its delays. Fortnite was first revealed way back in December 2011; since then, it’s gone through numerous revisions, with Epic’s CEO saying in 2016 that “it’s a game that takes time to get right.”

Fortnite will officially leave Early Access in 2018, at which point it’ll become a free-to-play game. At this time, it’s unclear how the free-to-play model will work. If you’re interested in jumping into the game now, you can read more about Fortnite’s Early Access tiers here.