In a very surprise development, Square Enix has decided to bring Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition to home consoles and the Nintendo Switch. The Pocket Edition was originally a side project aimed to deliver a similar experience as the full-fledged Final Fantasy XV on mobile phones and tablets. It released on iOS and Android early this year.

The tumultuous tale of Final Fantasy is getting a new chapter with the abridged mobile take doing a 180 and landing on the very platforms its original incarnation sprung out of. Truly an interesting decision by Square Enix as the Pocket Edition is not even a spin-off or prequel. It was originally intended as a decidely low-fi version of FFXV on mobile platforms

As if the mere announcement of the Pocket Edition for consoles wasn’t surprising enough, the Pocket Edition HD is available right now on PSN and Xbox Live for purchase and play. Priced at $29.99 you can get the game at a pretty high discount of 40% for only $17.99 until September 13.

For a mobile game, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a solid action-RPG and boasts one of the more core gaming oriented experiences on the go. Now however, the Pocket Edition HD will be right next to the real deal and it’s origins as a simplified JRPG will no doubt be not what fans of the franchise are expecting of a Final Fantasy game.

Adding salt to the wound, owners of the Nintendo Switch won’t be able to play Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD today alongside users on PS4 and Xbox One, as Square Enix merely announced the arrival of the game on the system but not the date. There goes all hope die-hard fans had of Square Enix bringing the original FFXV to the handheld. The chances were always slim but recent big titles that did arrive on the Switch such as Doom spured these wishes.