Good news for fans of Fallout who don’t want to wait till the arrival of Fallout 76 in November. Dedicated fans have released a new mod called Northern Springs, on popular modding website Nexusmods, which aims to deliver a whole new area, quests, NPCs, weapons and more. According to the modding team, Northern Springs is bigger than Far Harbor and Nuka World. Northern Springs is available right now for PC but the modders are looking into bringing it to Xbox One as well.

Modular Illusion is the fan ensemble who have made it their mission to craft the extensive mod for Fallout 4. Titled Northern Springs, the mod is much more than just new textures or weapons which are abundant in the Fallout modding scene. No, this project has lofty goals and aims to deliver an experience to rival Bethesda’s very own DLCs like Far Harbor.

Players who want to go back to Fallout 4’s wasteland but have a yearning for something new should be exhilarated by the feature list Northern Springs is sporting. The mod, or rather self-titled DLC, comes with a whole new area similar to Nuka World and Far Harbor – only bigger! The size is not the only thing you should be looking forward to, as Northern Springs comes with a new and exciting winter landscape, adding to the already varied landscape of Fallout 4.

Interested gamers will get lots of playtime out of this fan DLC which contains over 25 quests, 3 new settlements, new locations, 4 new jobs, 4 new followers, new weapons, armor and more. On top of that, there is new voiced dialogue and a lot of new music as well! No wonder that this massive undertaking by the team took more than 2 years to complete.

Be prepared for a challenging new expedition into the snowy world of Northern Springs and make sure to check out the video we linked here, to get a taste at the fan DLC which aims to satisfy experienced Fallout fans on the lookout for more.