They were promised to arrive as part of the Season 2 content drops, and right now we are seeing Paradox Interactive deliver on that promise, providing two new DLC packs to the Cities: Skylines experience on Xbox One.

With the base game available to play via Xbox Game Pass, and the recent addition of a Season 2 Pass providing multiple new enhancements, it’s a good time to be getting involved with the city building found in Cities: Skylines on Xbox One. Even more so now that the Parklife and Radio Station Pack have arrived too.

Available to purchase and download into your game right now are the two latest content pack for Skylines, both of which will allow your cities to become alive. See, Parklife lets us dip into the fun factor, with a playful expansion that brings amusement parks, nature reserves, zoos and more to your world. This means you’ll find rollercoasters, campsites, fountains and even flamingos included, giving even more reason for the potential public to make your place their home.

It is this Parklife addition which also includes a new park tool , five new maps and a slew of new assets to play around with. Basically put, if you have a bit of imagination and wish to provide fun for your citizens, then the Parklife addition will be something to embrace.

Further to this we also see a couple of new radio stations kicking into action, thanks to the Radio Station Pack. This throws in the Relaxation Station and Rock City Radio, with the tunes blasting out pretty much covering all bases. Expect to fin smooth jazz and Caribbean vibes from the former, and some classic rock and grunge blasting from the Rock City airwaves.

These packs are both included as part of the previously available Cities: Skylines Season 2, with the Mayor’s Edition possibly being the best way of experiencing all of that. Alternatively, individual purchases of both packs can take place, with the Parklife fun coming in at £11.99, and the Radio Station Pack dropping for £6.39.

If you wish to know more about Cities: Skylines, then our full review of the Xbox One version of the game is right here. It is most certainly something to consider should you be in the market for a city-builder.