Every time Bethesda releases a DOOM game, Germany cuts down the game or put it on their restricted list. For the first time ever, DOOM will be making its release in Germany, free of any alteration.

“We’re pleased the game can be released in its entirety in Germany without the need to edit or change anything,” said Bethesda’s vice president of marketing Pete Hines to Polygon. “Perhaps not all that surprising given how other titles have been rated there recently, but still a cool thing to see given that Doom and Doom 2 were banned in Germany and were delisted a few years ago.”

In addition to allowing the game to release in full, Germany has also lifted the ban on Bethesda’s other franchise – Fallout. Last week, Bethesda teased an announcement concerning Fallout 3 after the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Minors in Germany lifted the ban on the game.