Destiny 2 is an alright game, it’s definitely an improvement over the original being a more expansive launch package. Still, with so many other games I mostly just worked through the story and did some PVP before moving on. While I may not be the biggest fan out there like so many are, I have to say that visually Destiny 2 is one of the best looking games of the year. The worlds are simply stunning and with this update they look that much more incredible. From the close to home destroyed Earth, to the large alien worlds it’s all so enchanting. We’re not exactly getting a huge list of enhancements, but we are getting a nice bump in quality.

The game is running at 4k resolution with HDR support also being added. The game may be running at a native 4k considering Bungie’s wording since the PS4 Pro is adaptive 4k HDR whereas they just state 4k. It’s gorgeous regardless, the world is just a treat to the eyes. You see this clear boost right from the start as you jump into any area and just look around. My first trip was to the Farm, it’s a popular place and one I found to be a lovely location to revisit. It’s looking really great with the long draw distance showing a far back drop and so many players running or dancing about. I was actually hoping to grab a photo of my character in mid-dance but the shots didn’t turn out well.

From there I went through my sub-class trial which I suppose I’m late to finish off, I just never bothered to do it while I ran through the game. It’s a great place to see the visuals in action and I did find in general that the European zone featured some of the most beautiful sections of the game. The colors really do just pop with this update and the lighting is fantastic with that HDR glow. A lot of combat in the game is rather particle effect based or well full of open light portals so this resolution upgrade with HDR makes it all look stellar. The backdrops also get a nice perk up since they’re so vast and lovely to look at occasionally. Of course the smaller details look better than before, but we’re not really getting too much of an increase in some areas.

It would have been nice to get some smaller tweaks such as draw distance since I did notice some of the playable areas in the far distance could have been sharper. The clouds are really great here, that HDR makes a big difference and that padded by the light effects in combat is magical. The pvp is great as well, you’re not getting anything too special here, but it does look much better. Visually it’s impressive, sleek and still fairly fun though I do find it easy just slaughtering folks. The Destiny 2 Xbox One X enhancement is great, it makes things look that much better with the 4k resolution and HDR is always a treat. It would have been nice to see some more smaller tweaks, but honestly the game is just gorgeous regardless. Having released so recently it’s most likely as enhanced as it can get already.