Dark Souls fans have been quite intrigued with the world that the players are based in, the sense of mystery and artwork has always been one of the key components in the game.
Barnes and Noble has hardcover book called Dark Souls II: DesingWorks, which has exclusive interviews, character concepts and rough sketches. If your a fan of the series you might want to take a look at it, especially that Dark Souls 3 is around the corner, this might be the perfect time to learn what goes into making a Dark Souls game.
Collecting the dark and haunting artwork behind the critically-acclaimed Dark Souls II in a prestigious hardcover tome. Dark Souls II: DesignWorks features armor and weapon designs, character concepts, creatures,locations, rough sketches, an exclusive interview with the game’s creators, and more!
You could pick up the book now, which is currently on sale $37.89 compared to $49.99. Collectors are going to love to add this to their collection and players who want to learn more about Dark souls will also get a kick out of it.