It’s Call of Duty day. How has Black Ops 3 measured up?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a lot to prove. It’s the first Treyarch entry to be given the benefit of a longer development period, thanks to Sledgehammer’s debut last year. It comes off the back of two slightly less-well received entires, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. And it’s the sequel to Black Ops 2, one of the most successful and popular Call of Duty games of recent times – and still one of the most-played today.

Now that launch day has arrived, the review embargo is up, and the verdict is – well, there’s not really a verdict. There are several very high scores, but also a couple of much more critical ones – but what’s especially interesting is how many reviews are cagey about wanting to see multiplayer in the wild, even when they’ve slapped a score on for embargo.

The reviews are actually really interestingly divisive, as some critics are in love with the story campaign and others think it’s absolute tosh. I don’t feel these two states are mutually exclusive, personally.

Anyway, read for yourself. All scores out of ten except where noted. Do let us know if you see others.

  • EGM – 9.5
  • GameTrailers – 9.2
  • GameInformer – 9
  • PlayStation Lifestyle – 9
  • Ausgamers – 8.8
  • Destructoid – 8.5
  • SixthAxis – 8
  • GamesRadar – 4/5
  • The Escapist – 4/5
  • Polygon – 7
  • Gamespot – 7
  • Giant Bomb – 3/5
  • Eurogamer – scores not awarded
  • Metro – review in progress
  • Videogamer – review in progress
  • IGN – review in progress