Black Ops 3’s campaign does not adhere to the golden 60fps rule Call of Duty games have always followed.

Digital Foundry published its analysis of the campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. In it, the site reveals that the game struggles to reach 60fps most of the time.

Having tested both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, Digital Foundry reveals that for most cut-scenes, Black Ops 3 mostly maintains 1080p quality. For gameplay segments, however, things get much worse.

The Xbox One version targets a resolution of 1600×900 for gameplay, but rarely hits it according to the site – running mostly at 1280×900 in= reality. The PlayStation 4 version fares better with its mostly-active 1080p lock, dropping down to 1360×1080 occasionally.

Frame-rate is a disappointment across the board, especially for a Call of Duty game. Digital Foundry reports that despite dynamic resolutions, Black Ops 3 reaches 60fps only during spots where combat is not a major component.

“On the face of it, the raw metrics we drew from our captures don’t look so bad – PS4 hands in an average frame-rate of 51fps, Xbox One is at 49fps,” the site noted.

“And it’s Xbox One where we see the most extreme scenarios where Treyarch’s precarious balancing act doesn’t really work out. A frantic shoot-out defending a control room is a low point: while PS4 sticks close to 60fps at various moments throughout the battle, Microsoft’s system frequently struggles to rise above the 35-45fps.”

You can find out more in the report, which references how last year’s Advanced Warfare handled frame-rate and resolution better.