Battlerite, developed by Stunlock Studios, recently entered the Early Access phase on Steam. Touted as the “spiritual successor” of Bloodline Champions, a semi-popular arena PVP game, Bloodrite is developed with a similar gameplay style in mind. There are currently just 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3 modes available. Battlerite, costing a small sum now, will launch as a Free-to-Play online game in 2017.

While I am not sure if there will be new modes in the future, Battlerite is not a MOBA given the lack of lanes and creeps. The maps are small, designed to fit the enclosed arena concept. At the start of each round, players get to choose “Battlerites”, which is used to boost on of the active skills. Control skills plays a major role, hence this game is not really for novices who aren’t agile on the keyboard.