Bohemia Interactive, developer of the massively successful Arma series and DayZ, is expanding its mobile games portfolio with Arma Mobile Ops. Combining explosive, military-themed strategic gameplay and the Arma series’ authentic depiction of Mediterranean battlefields, the war is going mobile today with Arma Mobile Ops available worldwide for free download (in-app purchases apply).

As a commander in Arma Mobile Ops, you are tasked with managing your military base, protecting it against enemy raids, and building your own military force to send out to battles. While fighting the enemy in fast, action-packed clashes for air and ground supremacy, you need to secure and manage resources in order to upgrade your base and unlock more powerful defenses, units or buildings.

Set in the near future, Arma Mobile Ops’ theater of war has you visiting detailed Mediterranean battlefields where basic infantry units march alongside a powerful army of air and land drones. With each battle fought under your command, your units rank up and improve their stats, becoming a larger threat for enemy base defense structures like cannons, mortars or walls.