Bohemia Interactive, developer of the popular Arma game series, today celebrates the 16th anniversary of the franchise with the release of the free 5 vs 5 tactical first-person shooter, Argo. In the game, players fight as mercenaries over the remnants of a crashed space station, which is actually a remake of the Malden map which was released 16 years ago.


Argo features three competitive 5-vs-5 game modes (Clash, Link, and Raid), and based on their performance, players earn experience points, which can be used to unlock new weapons, weapon attachments, and gear. The game also features a 10-player cooperative game mode (Combat Patrol), where players need to team up to fight against AI in an open-world setting.


As a bonus, Argo includes a 3D Scenario Editor. Here players can set up their own military operations and alter or create game modes. Players can also choose to support Argo by purchasing the Supporter’s Pack which comes with a few special in-game rewards which do not affect gameplay at all. Other than downloading on Steam, players can learn more about Argo here.