After weeks in soft-launch, publisher Gamevil today announced that the worldwide pre-registration for ArcheAge Begins has started, lasting until 24 October. Developed by XLGAMES, ArcheAge Begins takes place 2000 years before the PC version, and includes some of the PC version’s most recognizable heroes and game modes.

Key features of ArcheAge Begins:

Live Multiplayer Raids: 4 players play in real-time, each controlling one character in the party with full control over movement, attacks and heals.

Upgrade Heroes: Collect materials to craft gears and enhance them. Collect Hero pieces and upgrade materials to enhance heroes’ skills!

“Life Style” Game Features: Collect ingredients through fishing and raising livestock. Craft merchants and get rich by trading them or raid other player’s trading vessel to loot their merchants!

Intriguing Origin Story: The story is set before the events of ArcheAge Online, giving PC players a new perspective on the history of the game