The controversy and success around the Adults Only-rated game, Hatred, might have spawned the return of an equally violent series, Postal. Developer Running With Scissors originally launched Postal back in 1997 for the PC, but it looks like they are back with Postal Redux.

Postal Redux is described as a remastered version of the original game and will be headed to the PC and Mac this Spring, with a planned release for the PlayStation 4 later this year. The game has been described to feature the original story of the “Postal Dude’s” descent into madness and murder.

“Postal Redux will maintain the elements that made the original Postal world-renowned,” wrote the developers. “The grim art style, frightening ambiance, the omnipresent ‘demonic voice,’ and the marching band will be faithfully recreated in this modern day take on a title which became a symbol for free speech in gaming.”

The game will feature 17 levels from the classic campaign, a variety of enemies, various “weapons of destruction” and a brand new “Rampage Mode.” This mode will have players do their best to get sustained kill streaks and get creative with killing.